Maintenance of Fuel Injection Pump & Valve

Reconditioning/maintenance Fuel Pumps and Valves is our the most traditional and popular work for unlimited Diesel Engines, from high speed diesel for portable generator up to huge marine propulsion diesel borderless of origin.
Pump testing bench exclusive use for ZEXEL Corp. and several test benches for Fuel Valve are available whenever. Testing Bench with 2 Tons thrust power for Big Capacity Fuel Pump, Presicion Flat Grinding Machine and Precision Flat Lapping Machine are daily used for this maintenance purposeand Full Kit of Precision Air-micrometer is utilized alsofor perfect maintenance. For big sized fuel pump maintenance we will correspond torenew/regenerate expensive Plunger and/also available for top urgent clients' request for cost-control purpose.

MAN 58/64

F.O. Pump (with Hydraulic Governor)

for Yanmar S165 Engine

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